Making an impact on the world.

Discover how thousands of engineers find innovative ways to make an impact on the world every day.

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100 years of existence

Making an impact on science.

Thanks to biomedical engineering, today's nanorobots can fight cancerous cells.

Making an impact on the digital revolution.

Photonics engineers work with fibre optic cables, which are very fine threads that can transmit digital data at the speed of light.

Making an impact on innovation.

The capacity of the next generation of computer chips will have a solid impact, particularly in the development of artificial intelligence programs.

Making an impact on research.

The renewed interest in space exploration gives engineers the opportunity to explore solutions to the earth’s environmental problems.

Making an impact on our lives.

Not only do civil engineers create infrastructure like cable-stayed bridges—which can span considerable distances—they help build and maintain them.

Making an impact on the future.

The manufacturing of lighter aircrafts has created a need for aeronautical engineers to design composite materials that are more efficient, with considerable economic and environmental advantages.

Making an impact on modernization.

Mechanical engineering is necessary wherever there are machines or tools that need to be designed, manufactured and optimized, like those used in assembly lines.

Making an impact on nature.

To produce energy in the most environmentally friendly way possible, environmental engineers are exploring artificial photosynthesis processes.

100 years of history

At the end of the 19th century, Canadian engineers established the country’s first professional association to promote their work.

The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec’s mission is to protect the public and its interests by ensuring that engineers serve society with professionalism, compliance and integrity.

1920 Following the establishment of the first professional association of engineers in 1887, the precursor to the province’s current order, the Quebec Corporation of Engineers, is created on February 14, 1920. As soon as it is established, this new organization—which has 500 members—becomes responsible for the credibility and professional framework of engineers in Québec.

1924 The Corporation creates its first code of ethics and a committee to assess illegal practises.

1973 Seeing the social changes brought about by the Quiet Revolution in the 1960s, Québec’s engineers follow suit. In 1973, the Quebec Corporation of Engineers becomes the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec.

1976 The code of ethics adopted in 1924 is replaced by the Professional Code, which is still in effect today.

2020 With over 62,000 members, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec celebrates its 100th anniversary. Its mission is still to protect the public by making sure that engineers serve society with professionalism, consistency and integrity.

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